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Seasonal Truffles

Willowdale Truffles, as the premier producer of Black Winter Truffles in South Africa, is pleased to announce that we are extending our fresh truffle offerings to now also include weekly deliveries of the best fresh seasonal truffles and truffle products available from Europe. 


In order to ensure freshness, we will be offering a personalised service by supplying the best seasonal truffles, flown directly from our partners in Europe via expedited cold chain to Cape Town, and delivered weekly to your door. 


Truffle harvests are notoriously fickle, particularly the wild harvested varieties, however we are confident that through our highly experienced and dedicated supplier network, we will be able to supply the following seasonal varieties.

Autumn Truffle

(Tuber Uncinatim Chatin)

October – January

Autumn Truffles (aka Burgundy Truffles / Scorzone), are wild-harvested in the high altitude deciduous forests of Central and Eastern France, Spain and Italy as well as some European Countries where suitably high altitude, cool and shady forested environments exist.


Although similar, the Autumn Truffle is held in higher regard than the more common Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum), containing a more intense aroma and flavour profile. Its earthy, nutty characteristics lend themselves well to a variety of dishes both raw and cooked. Being almost exclusively wild harvested and highly sensitive to climatic variables, the supply and price of Autumn truffles can fluctuate considerably.

Black Winter Truffle

(Tuber Melanosporum)

June – August & November – April

The Black Winter Truffle (aka Perigord Truffle) is the truffle that we grow here in our orchards. Although originally harvested wild, Black Winter Truffles have become domesticated in recent years and are now cultivated primarily in commercial orchards across Southern Europe as well as certain climatically suitable areas of Australia, Chile and South Africa. 


The Black Winter Truffle is highly regarded for its culinary characteristics and complex aroma, having over 150 identified phenols in its aroma and flavour profiles. It has a deep, intense aroma reminiscent of chocolate, hazelnuts, forest mushrooms and moss, and an innate ability to raise the profile of those dishes into which it is incorporated. Now that Black Winter Truffles are commercially cultivated, supply has become more reliable year round.

White Truffle

(Tuber Magnatum Pico)

October – December

The White Truffle (aka Alba White, Italian Truffle or Tartufo Bianco), undoubtedly tops the list of truffle desirability (with a price to match). Harvested wild by secretive truffle hunters in the indigenous forests around Piedmont in Italy, as well as small pockets of Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Turkey, the White Truffle's rarity and remarkable gastronomic qualities have long been the source of culinary legend.


The White Truffle does not take well to heating and is traditionally shaved raw over select dishes. It's aroma at the beginning of the season is somewhat underwhelming, however towards the middle of winter it takes on a captivatingly strong aroma reminiscent of Parmesan cheese, which has catapulted the White Truffle to the very top of the worlds gastronomic ingredient list. The White Truffles rarity and unique characteristics ensure that it is highly sought after and coveted by the worlds top gourmands.

Hungarian Honey Truffle

(Mattirolomyces Terfezioides)

September – December

An oddity in the world of truffles, being the only truffle with a sweet flavour profile, the Honey Truffle is harvested exclusively under Black Locust trees on the sandy banks of the Danube in Hungary and Croatia.


The Honey Truffle contains more than ten types of sugar, giving it a highly concentrated sugar sweet taste. It's aroma is of fresh Foie, it’s flavour extremely sweet and intense with a lingering aftertaste of Licorice. It is a softer, more delicate, and slightly watery truffle than traditional  varieties with a subsequently much shorter shelf life and so does not keep very well. Honey Truffles will need to be used almost immediately after delivery.


The Honey Truffles unique qualities have raised its profile considerably in recent years, becoming a sought after ingredient for dessert menu's in top restaurants. Growing demand, limited supply and its delicate nature ensure that the supply of this unique truffle can be irregular. 

Truffle Pearls

(Black Winter Truffle Caviar)

Available year round

Introducing an exceptional and imaginative offering that serves as the perfect enhancement for elevating gourmet cuisine. Crafted from pure Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), these petite, pearl-like delicacies are free of any artificial flavourings or colorants. This product stands out as an extraordinary and enchanting addition to upscale fine dining culinary creations, including sushi, carpaccio, gourmet entrees, seafood, and delectable canapés, as well as being the perfect option as a caviar substitute for vegetarians.


Water / Pure Truffle Juice / Pure Black Winter Truffle / Salt / Modified Starch / Stabilisers / Sunflower oil / Acidifier / Lemon Juice.

Shelf life and storage:

Storage: Keep refrigerated (+2º C and +8º C). Do not freeze.

Shelf life: 18 months. Once open, keep refrigerated and eat within 10 days.


Orders & Delivery

The weeks prices will be published on Monday morning and will be valid until close of orders on Friday.

To be considered for the following weeks delivery, orders are to be placed by no later than 5pm on Fridays.

Only orders placed through the official order platform will be considered.

Deliveries will take place by Thursday, circumstances permitting.

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